There are many ways to help, even from the comfort of your own home.

Every volunteer’s actions, no matter how small,
expands our ability to reach more children, sooner.
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If you have ever benefited from music, please take the time to write us about your experience!

Your unique story could be what helps someone else make the decision to start a program, donate, or volunteer to help.

So please be willing to share with us your story!

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There is always a need for an extra pair of hands and a heart.

Even if there isn’t a program near you, we need your help!

And if you have a specific idea for how you could help, please let us know!

Share with us your contact information.

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Volunteering can be as easy as sharing with your friends and family who we are and what we do.

Go to our About page and click the social sharing icons on the left.

It’s that easy!

Thank you for helping spread the message.

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You can help children by helping us raise the funds to support more music education programs. Share with us your ideas or contact information of others you know would be interested in helping.

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